Lessons in Teamwork

While watching a football game this weekend, I heard the announcer talking about a college team whose defense was stellar!  They dominated in almost every phase of the game. This was in stark contrast to the offense which struggled. The announcers went on to discuss previous seasons where just the opposite was true. In the past two years, the offense carried the team, while the defense had difficulty stopping opponents.

The commentators spoke about the environment in the locker room after previous games.  They said there were no blaming, or finger pointing and animosity between the offense and defense. There was only support and encouragement.  They stated it was a true TEAM environment. The “elders” on the defense remembered what it was like when the shoe was on the other foot.

Sports are often used as a metaphor for the work environment.  Even though this is just a game, in many ways it mimics the struggles of an office. Teams spend all week “working” to prepare for their opponents.

Imagine a cohesive and productive group of workers. A group that is supportive and encouraging of less talented, less experienced folks. Imagine a group that enjoys each other and wants to win as a team. Imagine a group that puts forth effort everyday and does so in an enjoyable way. Henry Ford said; “If everyone is moving forward together, than success takes care of itself”.