Why Escape Room Challenges are Perfect for Team Building Problem Solving Activities

Previously when problems arose in the workplace, the standard response was for someone to look at the problem, create a solution, and enact it.  The issue with that approach, though, is that the resolution represents only one person’s viewpoint.  Today, we have grown to a place where it is not only acceptable but encouraged to […]

3 Important Benefits of Team Building for Small Groups

Team Building Benefits Using A Baseball Analogy

In the world of Major League Baseball, there are multiple levels of training that occur within every team.  Each team as a whole is expected to function cohesively, but within that larger unit there is a pitching team, a catching team, an infield team, an outfield team, etc. and each individual branch is expected to perform at their highest levels to make the dream a reality.  Whether you are focusing on the parts of the whole or your whole team is the size of someone else’s part, small group team building is as beneficial in the non-sports world as it is in baseball.  The benefits of team building are no longer just a concept for large corporations or big event team activities. Zeroing in on the parts that make the whole have significant upsides.

Benefits of Team Building for Small Groups in a Nutshell

Here are the top three reasons you should contact us for more information about the options we offer for small group team building:

  1. The Horton Hears a Who Lesson

Everyone has a contribution to make to the discussion, but not everyone can be heard in a larger group setting where the louder voices tend to prevail.  In small group team building, the smaller group sizes make it much easier to hear the voices of all team members, thereby increasing collaboration in a more intimate, less confrontational way.  As we all learned from the Dr. Seuss story of a sensitive elephant, sometimes the best contributions come from the smallest voices so our programs are designed to amplify the input of everyone.

  1. Level Playing Field

While team building, in general, is designed to bring participants of all levels to an equal footing, small group team building is perhaps the strongest contender for achieving that end goal.  In larger team building groups there will always be separations, even if it is something as simple as front row/back row.  Small groups, however, operate differently and create more of a roundtable environment.  This is made possible due to the lower number of participants, but also due to our focus on conducting activities that promote competition in fun environments that are completely separate from standard workplace fare.

  1. Shared Responsibility is Key

In any group of individuals, the feelings of personal responsibility tend to dissipate in direct correlation to the size of the group.  With small group team building, each team member plays a crucial role in the success of the group which increases the investment of the participants.  This, in turn, creates a deeper connection between team members and results in real changes to team effectiveness and interaction in the workplace, which is the true goal of any program.

The benefits of small group team building don’t end there – reach out for more information on how small group team building can help your team and company grow.

Charity Team Building Events

Team building activities are generally events that demand participation whether or not an employee is particularly interested. When the interest isn’t there, though, the impact of the undertaking can be lost. Investing time into finding the right kind of activity to motivate participants to engage is an important step in planning for success. One current […]