Charity Team Building Events: Why They Work and How They Can Work For You

Team building activities are generally events that demand participation whether or not an employee is particularly interested. When the interest isn’t there, though, the impact of the undertaking can be lost. Investing time into finding the right kind of activity to motivate participants to engage is an important step in planning for success. One current trend that is successfully engaging a wide swath of employees is charity-based team building. In this setting, the group tackles a team building activity that simultaneously addresses a community need. Are you ready to take on a fun, affordable, and engaging charity team building event with us? Here are the top three factors to consider when planning your charity team building event:

Charitable Team Building: Why it works

corporate charity eventNo matter how satisfied an employee may be in their job and with their career trajectory, research shows that personal success is no longer the only factor in an employee’s work-related fulfillment. In large part due to the rise of millenials in the workforce who were inundated with world crises and pleas for help throughout their youth – including unending footage of tragic world events, sponsor-a-child ads of conditions in third-world countries, and even the Sarah McLachlan commercials of animals suffering – corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become one of the three most important drivers of employee engagement. As a result, group bonding activities that focus on promoting team spirit while simultaneously serving a need in the local community (i.e. charitable team building activities) are far more likely to result in authentic engagement from participants.

It’s not all about the Benjamins…so find what it’s about!

csr activitiesThere is a preconceived notion in businesses around the world that everything an employee does or does not do comes down to money. Money is obviously an important factor since there aren’t many employees who request to be paid in love or gratitude as an alternative; however, money no longer serves as the bottom line for what motivates people in the workforce. Giving employees a cause to serve provides an opportunity to fulfill a more personal yearning that people hold while also investing them in what you’re trying to achieve. The key to a successful charity team building activity is building on that investment and figuring out a cause that will pull on the heartstrings of those involved, ultimately stimulating participation. Everywhere you turn there are people, animals, and causes in need; choose an area to address and then reach out for ideas of activities that can address that need.

Corporate Charity Event Ideas

If you try hard enough, any activity can be altered with charitable intentions. The beauty of using small group team building businesses, though, is that it takes the work off your shoulders and uses alterations within its own programs to hit charity team building targets. These alterations could bring your team building to a service location, such as a food bank, to complete the activity there or they could ensure team building still occurs in your office with the product of the activity serving a charitable organization. It could be as simple as ensuring that all components used in the charity team building activities are donated to local organizations so that participants know that others will benefit from their experience as well. Whatever you’re interested in pursuing, there is a solution waiting for you – reach out for more information today!