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We Can Help You Plan A Unique Charitable Team Building Event

Planning a well-thought-out charity team-building event goes beyond the traditional goals of team bonding activities. Team building activities can be especially meaningful when paired with a corporate social responsibility element that benefits the community or a specific charity, especially if that charity serves the local community where a business is based.

Each of our unique, engaging, and fun team-building events can take on a charitable component. We can tailor the programs to the specific charity chosen by your company.

Giving back has never been this much fun and fulfilling! Our charity team-building activities are designed to enhance communication and create new bonds while helping less fortunate members of your community or those affected by recent tragedies.

Our programs include sports equipment for children, murals for hospitals, and canned goods for local food banks.

Our Most Popular Charity Programs

Mini Golf Fore Good 

Groups of 20+

Team building is meant to be a fun and engaging time to create bonds with your group. With the added incentive of giving back to those less fortunate, our Mini Golf Fore Good team-building event takes this a step further.

Creativity plays a huge part in this team-building event. Groups will be provided with canned and boxed food items, as well as a variety of extras to make a one-of-a-kind mini-golf hole.  They’ll need to include at least one obstacle and can theme their hole in any way they’d like. Duct tape, cardboard sheets, pool noodles, aluminum foil, and more are a few of the additions they may utilize in the construction of the hole. We’ll keep the music playing to help keep the energy up.

This program is about more than just the look of the golf hole. Teams will each hole and rate them on difficulty and design.  One team is declared the winner for its unique hole design.

Most importantly, all of the food items will be donated to a local food pantry, creating a true win-win for your group and the community.

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Hospital Art

Groups of 10+

The traditional hospital setting is exemplified by white, sterile walls and ceilings. Examining rooms, waiting rooms, and corridors – areas where health professionals and other caregivers work and where families and patients wait – are too often colorless, lifeless, and certainly not inviting.

Looking to find the perfect charity team-building project that will appeal to your entire audience?  Our clients are demanding and want something fresh, something impactful, and something that accomplishes a myriad of requirements. In Hospital Art, volunteers paint pre-drawn, color-coded designs.  The completed artwork is then donated to needy healthcare facilities on behalf of the sponsor.

Get your team together for a fun paint-fest. We’ll make sure your works of art are donated to a hospital to brighten the walls and cheer the folks recovering, or assisting those that are.

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Red Wagon Brigade

Groups of 40+

We all know how excited kids get when they receive a new toy. But, some never get to experience that joy. By participating in this fun team-building activity, your group can brighten the lives of those less fortunate.

Our facilitator provides a brief introduction to the event and information about the charity group that will receive your donations.  Your group will better understand how the toys they will assemble and collect throughout the day will make a difference to a child.

First, teams put together a little red wagon at their table and decorate it with items such as streamers, balloons, pipe cleaners, construction paper, etc. The team that is judged to have the best decorations wins a toy to place in their wagon.

The team with the most toys in their wagon at the end of the event wins award medals. But, everyone will have an award-winning feeling when they turn the toy-laden wagons over to the charity to pass along to the kids!

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Groups of 40+

This event combines creativity and camaraderie with canned goods to produce outstanding results. In this event, teams compete to build the most innovative structure using non-perishable food items that will later be donated to a charity.

Teams are provided with a variety of canned food items to work with. All architects will be provided with the same project parameters for building their sculptures; however, they will all be inspired to come up with their innovative designs. Teams may be tasked to get the inspiration for their creations from your meeting theme or your corporate tagline.

Our facilitator provides the worksite rules and gives each team their “paycheck” in the form of coins. Teams must budget wisely as they buy different colored or shaped packages of food and other decorating items from a supply depot to add to their sculptures.

Upbeat tunes provide a high-energy background to keep the action moving. In addition to building the sculpture, teams must also create a presentation board to introduce and explain their design. Teams then vote for the best (can’t vote for their own) and the winning team is presented with award medals. The event ends on a high note as participants hear from a charity representative who opens his or her heart to the group, accepts the canned food donation, and gives perspective on the importance of the donation to the people it will go to.

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Canned Goods Carnival

Groups of 40+

Teams compete to design and build the carnival game that is voted the most creative and fun to play. The main building supplies for the games are non-perishable food items that will be donated to local food-insecure families.

Once attendees are placed on a team, the emcee gives a brief overview of the event. Each team table is pre-set with canned goods and supplies such as a poster board, markers, scissors, and instructions.

The rules are simple:

  • Create a carnival game utilizing all the canned goods provided at your table
  • Create a sign featuring the name of your game
  • Purchase additional items to build and decorate your game from the supply depot
  • Utilize at least one of the following (found at the supply depot):
    • Some type of ball
    • Plastic or foam rings
    • Bean bags

The event ends on a high note as guests hear from a charity representative (if available) who explains how your donation of canned food items will help the people they serve.

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Play For Keeps

Groups of 40+

Play for Keeps is a fun event that celebrates sports and childhood games through a series of run relays. The games and equipment used for your event – that are ultimately donated – are based on the needs of your chosen charity. Not only will your guests have a blast participating in this event, but so too will the children in the local community who will get to play with this equipment long after your meeting ends!

Relay games will vary based on what equipment the charity requests, but sample games could include:

  • A softball over-and-under relay
  • A race to retrieve numbered footballs in order, which are scattered throughout teams’ lane lines
  • Tossing soft flying discs through a Hula-Hoop
  • Rolling a basketball trying to get it to stop on a target that is moved down the lane each time players are successful. The first team to get to the end wins!

At the end of the event, the team with the most points is called forward and awarded medals for a job well done! But the real winner is the local non-profit that receives all the game equipment to add to or replace the tools they use to provide a valuable service to local children.

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