Quick Facts:

Program type: Charity / CSR

Group size: 20+

Team size 4 – 8

Program length: 2-hours

Comfort Kits

Helping Children in Need

Your team will get a good night’s sleep knowing they helped children in need get the same with these comfort kits. Sadly, most children who are homeless or placed into foster care have what few belongings they possess in a plastic bag. In this event, teams participate in challenges to earn a bag, that will give dignity back to this child, as well as comfort items, such as a stuffed animal, a bright and colorful blankie and books that they can call their own. Your group can even add a personal touch by decorating these items.

As guests arrive at the event they’ll be invited by the emcee to take a seat at any table. Each table is pre-set with fleece material, scissors, and directions on how to make a no-sew fleece blanket. They’ll also find an envelope. The emcee explains that inside the envelope, teams will find 3 separate challenges. Teams must be successful at the challenges to earn the supplies to complete their comfort kits. Challenges encourage the attendees to work together in a fun way that promotes discussion and the sharing of childhood memories.

Attendees will have a great time working with their colleagues to prepare these comfort kits to brighten the faces of children in need.

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