Communication Team Building Activities

3 Reasons to Change Current Behaviors

Team Building Communication Activities

In any setting, the one factor that consistently determines success is the ability to communicate. The best people in the world may be sitting in a room together, but if none of them are effective communicators then the only thing they will ever accomplish is sitting in a room together. The same is true for employees in your company, which is why building communication skills are such an important step towards success. Here are the top three reasons you should bring team building communication activities into your workplace:

1. Modern Culture Was Not Cut Out For This…

While millennials get a lot of flack from former generations for being too caught up in their phones and social media, the reality is that society created the monster and the effects are important to recognize. Long ago communication was a prized commodity – you had to pay to post a letter; it could take over two weeks to get a reply, and even the newspapers were running stories two to three days behind events. In today’s world, answering an email immediately is not soon enough, breaking news from multiple sources is sitting at your fingertips, and virtual communication has become the preferred method in many lives. Taking individuals who have come to depend on this rapid-fire, “first response is the best response” communication style and reminding them how to effectively communicate with colleagues is a necessary step in changing bad communication practices to desired ones.

2. Real Communication NOT Conversationteam building communication skills

Partially due to the prevalence of screens in the world and partially due to the lack of effective communication strategy education in schools and programs, many individuals have never learned that the art of communication does not come from talking. This is bound to be true for many of your employees because it is so obviously true of individuals in every field from medicine to politics. Communication-based team building activities will help participants focus on the reception of what they’re saying rather than just the words; provide instruction in reading cues to allow empathy with participants, and allow individuals to learn how to predict the perceptions that will result from their communication. And most importantly good team building communication exercises will teach people how to really listen versus just engaging in “me” conversation .

3. Reap The Benefits of Communication Games

Team Building Communication games

While involved individuals will reap the benefits of communication games in the workplace, the real winner will be the team’s productivity, because the best reasons to use team building communication games all point back to company growth and success. It has been proven time and again that the best communicators make the best leaders so honing those skills in your workforce ultimately results in stronger leaders and team members. Better communicators also tend to get more accomplished, successfully prevent conflicts, and help advance the company’s agenda. This can be attributed to a few different factors, but the main idea is that teaching people communication skills allows them to effectively communicate with diverse crowds – ultimately setting them up for success in every conceivable situation.

Communication may not be the most glamorous topic, but it is one that you cannot afford to ignore if your ultimate goal is success.

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