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Corporate Games team building is interactive, fun and creative team training sessions in which participants work together in an intelligent and light-hearted way. During these games, we focus on bringing the individual and team performances to a higher plane. The goal in these types of events is, after all about functioning optimally as an effective team. A team with a positive team spirit, clear distribution of tasks and connected by short lines boosts productivity and, of course, the atmosphere within your organization will benefit from that.

During our Corporate Games team building, we create a simulation of the real business world. Real life problems and challenges are part of the experience. Negotiation, compromise, goal setting, strategy and ultimately collaboration are keys to a successful outcome.

Many elements of the business world re-emerge in Corporate Games, with experiences like running a country, a zoo and football stadiums.

As an example, our Corporate Games team building, “The United States”, participants are divided into groups. Each team represents a state. The goal is to make their state prosperous and where the citizens are happy. To achieve this they have to develop a team strategy to acquire assets (schools, hospitals etc.). These assets are acquired by negotiating with other teams.

To achieve success requires good collaboration, communicating clearly and negotiating successfully with the other teams. Without sufficient resources, states run the risk of losing prosperity and possible extinction.

Organizations that consist of various divisions or departments will especially benefit. Each department, run by its own manager has targets and goals, all whilst trying to achieve the overall goal of the firm.  The Business Game model helps your employees learn effective team communication and that collaborating is crucial if they are to be successful.  By keeping this activity fun and challenging these lessons are learned in a way most likely to make an impact.

We’re able to accommodate groups from 25 to 5000 employees. All levels of staff, managers and directors join in during this live game. It can quickly become clear who sees the bigger goal and who fights for their own team’s success.

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