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Charity team building activities allow you and your team to connect with each other and the community as well. Our CSR events are designed to get groups motivated, engaged and connected to those in need. Working with local and national charitable groups, we coordinate programs that have the biggest and best impact.

Choose from events that benefit local food banks, healthcare, underpriviliged kids and victims groups. You can choose the charity, or work through one of our partners.

Executive team building activities are designed to truly connect staff. These team buuilding programs require excellent communication skills, true collaborative efforts and problem solving skills. When groups understand the benefits of breaking down the perceived limits and artificial walls that exist in the boardroom, the real magic of team building begins.

Participants will bring “group-think” creativity to these executive level events. Confronted with different challenges and no rules, teams must collaborate, negotiate and compromise to have success.

Our small group team building activities provide all of the same features and benefits of larger programs. You don’t need a large group to participate in effective and fun team building activities. We work with groups with as few as 6 participants.  Groups will play, engage and connect through a common shared expereinces. They will solve problems, overcome unique challenges and ultimately strive to win.

The focus on these small group team building programs is to bring teams together in a non-threatening environment where they can bond and connect in new ways.

Large group team building activities, those with over 100 participants can take advantage of our standard programs with huge cost savings. For groups looking for a custom program to acheive specific needs, we can meet the challenge. Our team of creatives will work with you to design programs of 1-3 hours that will have your group fully engaged.

Our professional facilitators are always on-site and in-charge to guarantee that everthing runs according to plan. We’ve worked with groups up to 5000 in large ballrooms and outdoor venues. From high-tech, to high-touch, we’ve got your large groupe team building activities covered.