Quick Facts:

Program type: Collaborative

Group size: 30+

Team size: 5 – 10

Program length: 1.5 – 2-hours


A Virtual Escape Adventure

Escape Rooms can be limiting, especially if you have too many people to fit in one room and/or don’t have the time in your schedule to go off-site. Our virtual Escape Room has participants trying to crack three different codes to escape a series of screens before the time on the countdown clock runs out.

Teams each get an iPad. The iPad itself is unlocked, but that’s just about the only thing that is! Teams must use all of their varied skills to solve mental, visual, and audible clues; decipher puzzles; answer trivia questions and explore their game screens to get codes that lead them from screen to screen to screen.

Their escape begins as they try to break into a locked drawer found in an on-screen office. To do so, they must explore the office, clicking on items within it to reveal hidden tasks.

To save teams from cracking up if they can’t crack a code, our team is on the case, ready to give hints to those who need them. Those hints may cost the team some time though.

The event ends when the first team wins, not only their freedom but awarded medals for being the first to crack the codes!

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