Executive Team Building Activities

Professional Development using Gameplay

Working Together

Leadership Team building activities are not just for staff-level employees. Executive teams need reminders on how to work together, collaborate and see different perspectives as well.  Our executive team building activities use gameplay as a metaphor for office challenges. For many, these executive team building activities are a real eye-opener that shows the tendencies to compete, rather than collaborate within an organization. Faced with challenges, minimal direction, and only a basic set of rules, participants make choices about how to proceed.  Human nature shows that when separated, groups feel they must compete to win. These corporate team building games will test that theory.

Communicate and Listen

For professional development and executive team building exercises, our Pirates Escape Adventure challenges participants to communicate, be inclusive, listen with the intent to understand, and maybe even break the perceived rules. This two-hour-long program uses proven methods to help executives better understand office dynamics. This event is specifically designed for smaller groups of less than 100 participants.

Great Ideas Need to be Sold!

Creativity is great, but good ideas only come to life when they’re sold.  With Shark Bowl – Shark Tank Pitches teams compete to show off their ideas on how to improve the world. Creativity will be on display as ideas turn into 3-dimensional creations. Then, groups will make their “pitch”, Shark Tank-style to the judge(s). Will it be turning garbage into fuel, helping newborns sleep safely, or keeping young drivers safe on the roads? How will your group change the world for the better?

When you’re looking for a team bonding event with your executive staff, our turn-key, professionally facilitated activities are effective and fun.

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