• Artificial Hands

    Donated to Bombing Victims

Quick Facts:

Program type: Charity / CSR

Group size: 20+

Team size: 5 – 8

Program length: 1.5-Hours

Helping Hands Charity Team Building

Literally Giving a Hand to Those in Need

The Helping Hands Program is a truly unique opportunity for organizations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement. More than just a team building or training activity, participants in our programs build prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world.

After a short, inspirational video explains our event,  we engage your team using unique games of skill that are attempted using only one hand. This allows participants to experience what it is like for the victims we help. Once completed, the teams earn a hand to be assembled.

The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution and in doing so reminds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity. The Helping Hands Program is about learning, inspiring your team, and giving back.

Helping Hands challenges teams to utilize the potential of the hand parts to build an actual prosthetic hand, a better team, a better company, and a better world. In this globally recognized, purpose-driven, corporate activity your team constructs prosthetic hands that are needed by thousands of amputees around the world who cannot afford such a life-changing device.

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