Quick Facts:

Program type: Charity / CSR

Group size: 6+

Team size: 6 – 10

Program length: 1.5 – 2-hours

Hospital Art Chartable Team Building

Benefiting the Foundation for Hospital Art

Hospital Art – The traditional hospital setting is exemplified by white, sterile walls and ceilings. Examining rooms, waiting rooms, corridors – areas where health professionals and other caregivers work where families and patients wait – are too often colorless, lifeless, and certainly not inviting.

Looking to find the perfect charity teambuilding project that will appeal to your entire audience?  Our clients are demanding and want something fresh, something impactful, and something that accomplishes a myriad of requirements. In Hospital Art, volunteers paint pre-drawn, color-coded designs.  The completed artwork is then donated to needy healthcare facilities on behalf of the sponsor.

Get your team together for a fun paint-fest. We’ll make sure your works of art are donated to a hospital to brighten the walls and cheer the folks recovering, or assisting those that are. This event is:

  • A time to forget about your stress and worries.
  • DOES NOT require any artistic experience.
  • A Teambuilding event that benefits the community.
  • A fun way to comfort patients, families and staff.
  • An activity that can take place anywhere.
  • As large or as small as you would like it to be.
  • More than art…it’s a chance to love.

A Foundation for Hospital Art PaintFest® event is typically a two-hour group collaboration to complete six-panel pieces of artwork that are donated to brighten a healthcare facility.  Teams partner together to create a beautiful and colorful mural-like painting that will uplift the spirits of thousands of patients, families, and medical staffs.

Here is quick rundown, of what you’ll accomplish in a Hospital Art charity team building event:

  • Networking – teams bond and build relationships for approximately two hours
  • Impactful – 6,000 people visit the average hospital daily; Add color in a dark place
  • Hospital Artschools
  • Inclusive – anyone can do it – men, women, & children; no physical limitations
  • Fun – painting is relaxing after a long day of stressful meetings
  • Cost – the average per person expense is flexible and reasonable
  • Venue – the event can be indoors, outdoors; literally anywhere
  • Onsite – the PaintFest comes to you; buses to offsite locations are not necessary
  • Food – wrap food and beverage around a PaintFest; great pre- or post- meal
  • Awareness – the sponsor is recognized on every painting that is donated
  • Timing – any hour of the day – from morning to evening
  • Easy – We handle the setup, execution and cleanup
  • Local – the art can be donated to local hospitals, clinics, nursing homes &
  • The best question to ask your audience at the end is whether or not they would want to do it again.  Every PaintFest always culminates in a resounding “yes”.  The participants have a “pride of ownership” in knowing that their hands will make a lasting difference in the lives of hospital patients around the world and in their local community.

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