3 Reasons To Plan Organized Ice Breakers For New Employees

Being the new kid on the block is as difficult in your adult life as it is in elementary school.  The difference as an adult, though, is that there aren’t other adults concerned for your social well-being the same way that parents are for their children.  new hire orientation gamesInstead, it becomes your own job to find the niches and holes where you fit in and, quite frankly, that can be completely overwhelming for someone who is in the midst of also learning a new job or role in the company.  Acknowledging that the most successful employees are the ones who have a healthy balance of personal and professional happiness, it becomes more than appropriate for leaders in the company to create opportunities for authentic co-worker relationships to develop. That’s why ice breakers for new employees are extremely helpful in getting a new hire fully immersed in their new team environment.

New Hire Orientation Games Promote A Welcoming Environment!

Team Builders has the perfect solution for on-boarding new employees through new hire orientation games. Our professionally designed team building activities will help to establish those friendships and here are the top three reasons why you should call today:

  1. Evolution Of The Team Is Necessary

As with any group of people that spend a lot of time in one another’s company, cliques are bound to develop in any workplace.  In some ways, this is a positive development because you want colleagues to build their relationships with one another, but it can easily become out of hand to the point where there is seemingly no room for new participants.  Taking the opportunity to strategically work a team building activity in with on-boarding new hires can work as a reset to established groups of individuals, resulting in new and healthier relationships all around.

  1. Finding Common Ground For New Hires

One of the biggest reasons that people divide the ways that they do involves a misunderstanding of another’s view of the world.  One person might say something that doesn’t translate well to those around them or someone is talked about in a way that casts them in a negative light with others.  At the end of the day, both new and veteran employees benefit from having a fresh way to see those around them and on-boarding new employees is the perfect excuse to create those shake-ups that give all employees a new way to view their co-workers.

  1. Trust is the Secret

new hire gamesBeyond evolving cliques and creating new common ground for employees to bond over, the most important reason to facilitate team building activities is for the sake of building trust.  Whether you are looking at family, friends, or colleagues, the root of any successful relationship is trust.  Introducing new individuals to the fray does not create trust; instead, trust must be built through activities that are specifically targeted to the cause.  Once there is trust, solid relationships and enhanced work performance will inevitably follow.

Team Builders offers multiple options for team building icebreakers that can take the process of on-boarding a new employee to an entirely new level, enhancing your team by strengthening it from within.  New employees deserve the opportunity to build new relationships, and undoubtedly, your veteran employees deserve it as well!