Quick Facts:

Program type: Bonding fun

Group size: 30+

Team size: 5 – 10

Program length: 2 hours


Super Hero Team Building


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s Kapow! The event that puts your team’s superhero qualities to the test in a flash!

As guests arrive, they receive identification to help them find their fellow teammates. These teams then learn their mission – to prove if they’re worthy of being called superheroes by completing more superhero challenges successfully than any other team in the time allowed, or if they should hang up their capes.

Batman had a bat signal, but teams in this event have something much higher tech. Superhero Central communicates with them via their communication device – an iPad with a custom game app built into it. Challenges put their mental, physical and creative powers to work. Some challenges can be done at any time in any location. Some require teams to visit hotspots on their game map – it’s only when they get there that their mission is revealed. Others are cloaked in invisibility and only open should the band of superheroes come across them in their travels. For instance, teams may have to:

  • Crack a code to diffuse a bomb before time is up
  • Take pictures that have them transforming themselves from their everyday personas to the superheroes they wish to become, looking like they’re flying, or creating a wanted poster for a villain.
  • Create videos showing how they’d save a damsel in distress, be able to turn back time (by recording a video in reverse) or film a breaking news clip of one of their superheroes saving the day.
  • List what each team member’s superpower is; brushing up on the competition by answering trivia questions about those “other” superheroes, or matching the song clip to the name of the superhero movie it came from.
  • Use their powers of observation to study an image and then finding and scanning that item in the event area to open a hidden challenge, or to watch a video very closely – once it’s viewed it’s gone – so they can answer questions about it.
  • Use their lightning fast speed to complete challenges before time runs out, such as finding a specific object in the event area or solving a puzzle before the clock expires.

Throughout the event, teams can track how well they’re doing on the scoreboard. But, like all good superheroes, they must be ready for anything to happen, and happen it does…towards the end of the event, the scoreboard disappears! Teams must “fly blind” and put a superhuman effort forward to increase their score.

At a set time, teams reconvene at Superhero Central to see which one is the most likely to save the day, based on the number of points earned. The participants on that team are rewarded with award medals for a job well done. But, whether they win or lose, all will go home having had a super time!

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