Size matters and so does the company you choose!  Team Builders has the resources, the experience, and the right selection of creative team-building events for large groups. Our programs can be customized to your group’s needs and can be tailored to any specific outcomes you are looking for.

Our professional facilitators will come to your office, meeting venue, resort, or arena and bring everything necessary for an event you’ll be talking about for a long time. Creative, engaging, and effective team-building programs and team-building activities set us apart from the rest. You can boost your company’s cross-functional team collaboration and build employee trust while promoting creativity and having fun.

Choose from one of our most popular events, or challenge us to create something just for you.

Pirates Escape Adventure

Arrrr you qualified to be a pirate? Our Cap’n is the best at pillaging and plundering and he’s looking to add to his crew. Only the best and brightest need apply. Can your team pass the tests and join his Buccaneers?

This escape-style event is based on the premise that our pirate captain and his crew have been so successful in their pillaging and plundering that they need to expand their fleet.  That means they need more pirates and are hoping that your group proves to be smart enough to join the crew. Our captain is picky about his crew…not just anyone will do…he will test all potential pirates to see if they are cunning enough to join him.  In solving a series of puzzles and challenges, teams must work together to find individual solutions that lead to the final solution. Great communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills are essential for success. Pirate medals are awarded to the winning group.

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Shark Bowl

Creativity is great, but good ideas only come to life when they’re sold.  Shark Bowl is a

fun team-building event – team bonding at its best. Teams compete to show off their ideas on how to improve the world.

Creativity will be on display as ideas turn into 3-dimensional creations. Then, groups will make their “pitch”, Shark Tank-style to the judge(s). The winning team will earn praise and awards.

Will it be turning garbage into fuel, helping newborns sleep safely, or keeping young drivers safe on the roads? How will your group change the world for the better? Our Shark Bowl, Shark Tank-style team-building event is a perfect way to bring out the best in your staff while forging a bond between the participants. This program requires a true team effort.

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Our Shenanigans event is a fun and engaging take on the Minute to Win It style challenges made famous on the TV show. Participants will discover hidden talents while competing as part of a team in a lighthearted competition.  Everyone will play a role as teams strive to be Shenanigans Champions.

In this event, teams play in a series of games in a structured competition, resulting in one winning team.  An emcee hosts the event keeping the excitement level high and the friendly competition organized.  At the midpoint of the event, we’ll include your company (if provided), or pop culture trivia.  Then, it’s time for the shenanigans to start back up as the second round of games is played.  The final challenge is a word search featuring leadership and teamwork terms and a secret message that will earn bonus points for the first team to find it.  Points are tallied and the winning team is announced as the winners are presented with a medal in addition to the bragging rights of being the Shenanigans Champions!

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Game Show Smash Up

Get ready for an unforgettable team-building experience like no other with “Game Show Smash Up”! This high-energy, adrenaline-pumping event combines the best elements of your favorite TV game shows into one epic competition that will leave your team laughing, bonding, and working together like never before.

We’ve curated the best games from shows like Hollywood Game Night, Minute To Win It, and more.

Some of the games featured are; Famous Mascots, Name That Tune, Unroll-It, Cookie Face, Pencil Flip, and more.

This event is designed to foster teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Teams will need to strategize, assign roles, and rely on each other’s strengths to succeed. It’s the perfect opportunity to break down silos and build stronger connections within your group

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Not Bored

Utilizing the classics such as Battleship, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Domino’s, and more, this event turns games “sideways” for unusual competitive fun. Your group will demonstrate skill, dexterity, smarts, and great communication to conquer these team-building games and earn the winner’s medals. In fact, unlike traditional team-building games, your group will be “bored-less”!

Test your smarts in “The Last Word” and “Scrabble Synonyms”, where teams will compete to show off their wordsmith abilities. Test your skill in “The Battleship Challenge” and save the day. “Speed Yahtzee” turns the original into a fast-paced event where the team plays as one. Team members will also be able to show off their brain power with “Memory Mayhem” and “Suduko Domino’s”.

With each challenge win, teams earn points towards the ultimate reward, the Games Challenge winner’s medals. This competitive twist on board games we loved to play as kids will get your group involved and working cooperatively towards a common goal while having a great time.

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Frisbee Frenzy 

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of camaraderie, skill-building, and fun with our “Frisbee Frenzy Team-Building Extravaganza.” This unique and engaging event is designed to bring your team closer together while mastering the art of Frisbee throwing and strategizing in a variety of exciting games and challenges.

Games include Frisbee Trivia, show your knowledge of the history of Frisbees.  Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe will have you strategically tossing Frisbees on a giant tic-tac-toe grid. Frisbee Bowling has you knocking down “pins” with a Frisbee twist. Frisbee Relay gets your crew racing to fill buckets. These races emphasize teamwork, speed, and coordination.

Whether you’re a Frisbee enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, this event is designed to accommodate all skill levels and create a memorable experience that will bring your team closer together. Get ready to unleash your inner Frisbee champion and have a blast with the “Frisbee Frenzy Team-Building Extravaganza”!

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Raise The Tiki Bar

It’s time to raise the bar – a tiki bar, that is! Teams will do their best to transform an ordinary classroom table into a tiki bar!

Teams have a few items on their table to create their tiki bars, such as bamboo poles, rolled bamboo fencing, thatch panels, abaca matting, and natural reed fencing. They can also visit “the store” to purchase additional items they want to create their tiki hut, such as grass skirting, floral décor, tiki masks, tissue paper to make tissue paper flowers, etc. They earn the money to spend at the store by participating in a round of Tiki Trivia – the better they are, the more coins they can add to their initial stash!

Every tiki bar has to attract people to visit it, so teams must also name their bar and put together commercial advertising that makes their tiki bar special! Usually, island time is laid back, but not during this competition! Teams must be ready by a set time to present their tiki bar. A group of VIPs can be the judges or everyone in the group can have a vote – they just can’t vote for their creation!

The votes are tallied and then it’s time to reveal the winning team, who comes on stage to receive their award medals on tropical-colored neck straps. Raise The Tiki Bar – take a “shot” at this team-building event and you won’t be disappointed!

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Float Your Boat

If you are looking for an event that won’t cause waves, one that everyone will enjoy, this tried and true favorite holds water!

Guests arrive waterside to find a cruise ship atmosphere.  Island music plays and tropical-colored flags float in the breeze.  Delight shines on their faces, but this quickly dissolves into a look of surprise as they learn they aren’t boarding a boat – they are building one!  Then, surprise turns to shock when they discover their boat-building materials consist of nothing more than cardboard and duct tape.

Creativity kicks in as teams think outside the box to build a diverse array of vessels.  How will the cardboard catamaran fare?  Is the corrugated canoe “tipped” to be the winner?  Before setting sail to find out, teams launch their boat, not with a bottle of champagne, but with a sea chantey written to extol the virtues of their vessel.

Then, it’s time to hit the water!  Each two-man crew receives paddles and life jackets.  Not that we don’t trust their designs – on average 80% of boats finish intact!  Hopefully, teams built their boats to be hardy, for the winner of each heat must race again in a final regatta to determine the overall winner.

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Pirates Treasure Hunt

Captain Greybeard and Captain Scurvy Dog have long disputed who is the rightful owner of the map to the buried treasure.  After a battle, the map is ripped into pieces and scattered. Your group will look to find the pieces and ultimately, the buried treasure.  Along the way, you’ll encounter good and bad Pirates, unique puzzles and challenges, and the ability to find where the treasure is buried.

Our app will guide them through the process and allow them to choose their route. Great communication and problem-solving skills are essential for success. Pirate medals are awarded to the winning team.

For the best team bonding experience look no further than our Pirates Treasure Hunt! Gather your mates (staff)  and take the plunge. Participants will use their imagination, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Without great communication, you’re bound to fail, and end up in Davy Jones’ Locker!

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Sinister Intent – Superhero Hunt

Follow Boris and Valencia Sinister back in time to find the secrets you’ll need to foil their plan of world domination.

Our app will guide your crew and allow them to choose their route. Great communication and problem-solving skills are essential for success. Superhero medals are awarded to the winning team.

For the best team bonding experience look no further than our Sinister Intent! Gather your crew (staff)  and get up, up, and away. Participants will use their imagination, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Without great communication, the world will be doomed!

Sinister Intent is a 2-hour exercise in teamwork, communication, and leadership. This event is designed for groups of up to 1000 participants and can be facilitated anywhere, indoors or out.

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The Quest Scavenger Hunt

Fun and creative challenges are what drive The Quest.  You’ll be looking for unique items to photograph, get folks on the street to help you sing a song, create video-worthy impressions, and earn points. We’ll help you get outside your comfort zone and work together. The Quest is great for corporate hunts or social outings.

Teams with 3-8 participants will search for unique sights for photos, make short movies, interact with strangers, and test their attention to detail. Teams will learn local trivia, dance in public places, sing to random folks, and act out scenes from their favorite movies using our proprietary scavenger hunt app.

Most of all, this is an event filled with laughter and great memories. You can request a wrap-up video of the day’s highlights, as well

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Sand Sculpture

Guests enjoy the sunshine and beach as they channel their creativity to build a unique sand sculpture to fit your meeting theme, industry, or a design of their choosing.

Our team preps the beach with boxed-off sections of sand for each team. Once the event kicks off, the emcee gives a quick demonstration on how to construct a proper sand sculpture. Armed with this knowledge, tools, and a how-to book, teams are sent to their sandboxes to begin working on the design that they hope blows their competition out of the water.

In addition to sculpting, teams must carve out a presentation to sell their design harder than anything on the beach has been sold since the dawn of beachfront condos.

At a set time, teams view each team’s sculpture and listen to their presentations.  Then, it’s time for the teams to rake over the sculptures to determine which one they like the best.

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Beach Dash

The sound of summertime hits and steel drums float through the air as participants arrive for this fun beach event.   In addition to the music, leis for each participant set the mood and serve as team identification. The emcee welcomes guests and leads teams through a series of beach-themed challenges.

Sample Beach Dash challenges include:

  • Bahama Mama – One player on each team is transformed into the Bahama Mama.  The Bahama Mama doesn’t just sway her hips to the music.  She also sways them so she can catch the sea creatures her teammates are trying to toss into the hip baskets she’s wearing!
  • Beach Ball Babble – One participant from each team rushes to bounce small balls with letters on them back to their team.  The team then uses these balls to make interlocking beach-themed words, Scrabble-style.
  • Beach Blanket Bingo – Teams load ammo into giant slingshots, attempting to get them to two of their teammates who must catch them in beach towels.

Throughout the games, there are breaks for teams to work on their version of a beach song that is sure to get them to number one…not on the charts, but perhaps to the number one spot in these games if the judges like it!

At the end of the event, the top-scoring teams perform their songs as judges tally up team points – adding bonus points for the best song.  The team with the most points overall receives Beach Dash award medals on tropical-colored ribbons to show that they made the biggest splash during the event.

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