Quick Facts:

Program type: Bonding fun

Group size: 30+

Team size: 5 – 10

Program length: 2-hours

Mixology Challenge

Create Your Own Sangria and Salsa

While it may be “Five-O-Clock Somewhere”, this is no simple happy hour.  This is an interactive, creative and fun team-building “make-your-own” event.

Groups will be challenged to devise a unique margarita and salsa recipe and create the products. It helps to have a good working knowledge of the drink’s history and food, as a trivia game will determine who gets to pick their ingredients first.

Making an excellent drink and food pairing is only half of the challenge.  No one will beat a path to your door without a fantastic marketing campaign.  Teams will be tasked with creating and presenting a commercial and billboard to promote their concoctions.

After the presentations, the drinks and salsa are tasted and the group votes for their favorite. The winning team gets bragging rights and winners’ medals and the entire group has a bonding experience they won’t soon forget.

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