escape roomEscape the Typical; Embrace the Fun!

Escape rooms have recently grown into popular venues for parties, celebrations, and nights out with friends. You may go to dinner, grab a drink or two, and head down to your local escape room to press your luck with friends who may or may not have the puzzling skills needed to escape. Recently mobile escape rooms have popped up too; yes they come to you. These are mobile trailers easily converted to a pre-designed escape theme of your choosing.

Escape Rooms For Team Building

But why should the fun end on a weekend or a day off? Escape rooms can serve as more than just a destination outing; they can quickly become great team building opportunities that will keep employees engaged in the Pirates! A mobile escape adventure.experience! Best of all, now that escape rooms have become mobile, they are even adaptable to environments that go beyond the confines of a “room”.

So why should you look into using an escape-themed adventure for team building? That’s easy: employees will show up when it’s a requirement, but they’ll take away the lesson when they’re having fun with the process. And it’s difficult to not enjoy yourself when you step into an activity that is an immersive adventure requiring problem solving, teamwork, and constant communication. Will you have individuals who are hesitant to become involved? Of course! Will you have participants who only want to play along if they can be the leader? Of course! But a mobile escape room is not about groups sitting at tables taking Myers-Briggs personality tests and categorizing the results; it is an interactive adventure that requires input from every single participant in order to fit all of the puzzle pieces together into a final solution. Yep that’s real teamwork we all do on a daily basis (when we are playing well together).

Escape From Reality

As an added bonus, mobile escape room experiences actually provide an escape from reality! Whether you’re Al Capone looking for a way out; an astronaut who can’t locate his comrades; or a pirate looking for a spot on the Pirates! A mobile escape roomcaptain’s crew, escape adventures take ordinary people and turn them into characters that let them explore new dimensions of their personality.  Participants become more outgoing, more cunning, and are generally willing to take more risks in a game environment.  Seeing those attributes pay off in the final resolution can motivate individuals to adapt those traits to their work environment as well.

We Can Help With Your Team Building Adventure

If you are in the market for a mobile escape room team building adventure that can grow your team individually and as a whole, then an escape room experience may be just what you need.  Check out our Pirates! Escape Room Adventure for one option that is guaranteed to be as fun as it is team-oriented. Yes, we’ll bring the fun to you. (And you won’t need a trailer either).