Quick Facts:

Program type: Bonding fun

Group size: 20+

Team size  5 – 10

Program length: 2-hours

Not Your Average Game Show

All The Fun, Without The Cameras


Teams get their game on in this high-energy event that is not your average game show. There is no need for a studio audience because, unlike most TV game shows where only a couple of people compete at a time, everyone participates in this team-building event.

As the contestants enter the room, they are handed a bandanna. The color bandanna they receive determines which team they will play on. Our emcee and DJ welcome the participants and invite them to join their teammates to take part in a series of interesting game show challenges including:

Trivia Challenges 
Trivia challenges will be developed for your theme and can cover pop culture, questions about your company/industry, meeting content, or a good mix of all. Straight trivia may include multiple choice or fill-in-the-blank answers. In “Fact or Fiction”, people must determine if the statement read aloud is true or false. For instance, “Tarantulas can survive for up to two years without food.” Alarmingly, this is a fact!

But wait, there’s more…

Music Challenges 
You won’t be playing Name that Tune in the Not Your Average Game Show! Instead, musical challenges may ask you to choose the item NOT mentioned in the song or state the name of an actor starring in a particular movie after hearing a snippet of the movie theme. Songs are carefully chosen to highlight your company or meeting theme or kept generic. In addition, teams may send representatives to the stage where they listen to a song through headphones and sing the song to all the teams only using the words “La, La, La” to help them identify it!

Physical Challenges
Physical challenges are interspersed throughout the event to provide a high-energy brain break and could

include bouncing balloons around in the air while the DJ spins a fun song. When the music stops, each participant grabs one balloon and the emcee spins a wheel. Whichever color the wheel comes to rest on represents the color balloon that is worth bonus points. Teams get one point for each one of that color they’re holding. Another challenge may have participants racing to be the first to complete a giant jigsaw puzzle.

Just a Minute Challenges
Teams race against the clock in these challenges! For instance, they may have a minute to build the tallest tower out of playing cards. Or, all players see how many pencils they can flip off the back of their hands and then grab again in midair. Teams earn points based on how well they can accomplish this task. Multiple minute-long challenges can be interspersed throughout the game show to energize teams!

The team that ends up with the most points is called to the stage and all of the participants receive an award medal and bragging rights that they were the most successful at the Not Your Average Game Show!

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