Quick Facts:

Program type: Bonding fun

Group size: 6+

Team size: 3 – 8

Program length: 2-hours

Team Building Games

Minute to Win It Style!

Our Shenanigans event is a fun and engaging take on the Minute to Win It style challenges made famous on the TV show. Participants will discover hidden talents while competing as part of a team in a lighthearted competition.  Everyone will play a role as teams strive to be Shenanigans Champions.

All of our events start with a unique ice breaker that will have participants connecting on new levels and gaining a new appreciation of their workmates.

These games require dexterity, balance, smarts, communication, hand/eye coordination, and a sense of humor.

In this event, teams play in a series of games in a structured competition, resulting in one winning team.  An emcee hosts the event keeping the excitement level high and the friendly competition organized.  At the midpoint of the event, we’ll include your company (if provided), or pop culture trivia.  Then, it’s time for the shenanigans to start back up as the second round of games is played.  The final challenge is a word search featuring leadership and teamwork terms and a secret message that will earn bonus points for the first team to find it.  Points are tallied and the winning team is announced as the winners are presented with a medal in addition to the bragging rights of being the Shenanigans Champions!

Silliness and laughter are a big part of breaking down walls and creating a more relaxed working environment. Our play-based activities build relationships. We bring all of the materials to your office or meeting room for complete turn-key events.

Shenanigans challenge is a 90-120 minute exercise in teamwork, communication, and leadership. This event is designed for groups of 6, or more participants and can be facilitated in your office or meeting room. For custom pricing or additional information, please complete the form below.

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