Quick Facts:

Program type: Collaborative

Group size: 12+

Team size: 4 – 8

Program length: 1.5-hours

Shark Tank Style Team Building Challenge

Create an idea. Build a model. Pitch it to win!

Creativity is great, but good ideas only come to life when they’re sold.  Shark Bowl is a fun team-building event – team bonding at its best. Teams compete to show off their ideas on how to improve the world.

Creativity will be on display as ideas turn into 3-dimensional creations. Then, groups will make their “pitch”, Shark Tank-style to the judge(s). The winning team will earn praise and awards.

Will it be turning garbage into fuel, helping newborns sleep safely, or keeping young drivers safe on the roads? How will your group change the world for the better? Our Shark Bowl, Shark Tank Style team-building event is a perfect way to bring out the best in your staff while forging a bond between the participants. This program requires a true team effort.

The Shark Bowl challenge is a 90-120 minute exercise in teamwork, communication, and leadership. This event is designed for small groups of 12-100 participants and can be facilitated in your office or meeting room. For custom pricing or additional information, please complete the form below.

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