Team Building at Conferences

and Corporate Meetings

Conferences and corporate meetings are wonderful opportunities for colleagues to come together, develop professionally, and unlock new pathways and directions for a company. Because these events are so frequently extended over multiple days, it is also necessary to provide breaks and opportunities for fun. Here are the top three reasons you should arrange team building activities to fill these gaps and grow your company even further:

1. Laying the groundwork

We’ve all been to large functions where you don’t know anyone and feel a bit intimidated by your surroundings. It’s at best an uncomfortable situation for all but the most extroverted individuals. Having an excuse to get to know people in a “required” format is the type of thing that employees may grumble about while feeling secretly relieved. This isn’t to say that all downtime should be filled with structured activities, but holding a few team building activities, especially near the beginning of a function, begins building those working relationships early so that more can be accomplished throughout.

2. Stay Focused without Feeling Focusedwork friends

The normal tendency of most individuals is to view time between meetings as the time to take care of personal details or quickly check social media. Rather than having everyone running to their phones during breaks, wouldn’t it be better to see meaningful conversations taking place? If the groundwork is set early with the incorporation of team building activities, the time between meetings and workshops becomes a time that is spent engaging with peers and digesting what has just been discussed rather than running off to non-work-related concerns. Employees who are engaged with their team and engaged with the process stay focused on the task at hand without feeling like they are being forced to be present.

3. Using Time Wisely

The reality for most companies is that conferences and corporate meetings are the only times when the entire company leadership may be physically in the same location for an extended period of time. Not taking advantage of that time by building team unity would be a costly mistake. Even for smaller companies where the entire team may be together on a regular basis, conferences and meetings provide a common focus that is not routinely present. If you don’t use your time wisely by involving team building when you can, then you are doing a disservice to your employees and your company at large.

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