Team Building Ice Breaker Games

5 Steps for Team Building Success!

The phrase “getting to know you” conjures images of first dates, job interviews, and even that scene from the King and I musical, but there are valid reasons to use “getting to know you” games and activities in the workplace! Here are the top five reasons for considering team building ice breaker games:

1. Break The Ice With Fun Ice Breakers

Team Building Icebreaker Games are called icebreakers for a reason! Standing in a room full of people who know nothing about one another and aren’t really talking can be pure torture. Yes icebreakers can be silly and often win a lot of eye rolls, but they start the ball rolling on getting people talking to one another which is the point of any group activity. Selecting fun ice breakers are the key!

2. Burst Through Barriers

A lot of people walk through the world unaware of their surroundings. They can obviously see differences in ways people dress or comport themselves, but the whole of a person is far more dependent on their background, their culture, and their family traditions than what they present to the world visually. Playing a “getting to know you” game brings understanding deeper than surface level without forcing long, drawn out conversation on the topic.

3. Learn Who You Are

Michael Jackson talked about the man in the mirror, but until the mirror starts talking back there will only ever be one perception in your mind. Participating in small activities like “getting to know you” games helps develop your own sense of self because it provides a barometer for measurement. This may be used to figure out what kind of leader or co-worker you are and ends up being a self-growth tool.

4. Go Deep

The games that you may play are not the end-all-be-all of the conversation…instead they provide the opportunity to open deeper and more impacting conversations that many would typically shy away from. Increasing communication channels is the goal, but you have to begin somewhere.

5. Get Involved!

Finally, what is the point of any team building strategy if not group participation?! “Getting to know you” games may not lead to the most in-depth conversations alone, but the important point is that they get participants involved! The trick is to take that momentum and propel down whatever avenue you would like it to lead.

Every one of the Small Group Team Building programs starts with a fun way to connect participants. These ice breakers help everyone to forge new connections and break down barriers. If you are looking for affordable professionally designed fun icebreakers, we can help you put together a program that delivers the results you want.