Outdoor Team Building Activities – Why It’s Time To Get Some Fresh Air

“The Great Outdoors” isn’t just the name of a delightful family movie; it is a term that speaks to the beauty and prospects of the world around us. So why should you consider outdoor team building activities for your employees next gathering?

Frequently office employees don’t have the chance to appreciate such things and life begins to feel like it revolves around cubicles, conference rooms, drab indoor facilities and the monotouns hum of fluorescent lighting.  Therein lies the opportunity to take a team building activity to the next level by bringing it outdoors!

Breakdown Workplace Barriers With Well Planned & Competitive Outdoor Team Bonding Games

Perhaps the biggest advantage of outdoor team bonding is that it brings the group to a completely neutral territory: there are no tables; there is no hierarchy; and teamwork becomes tantamount to success.  Plus, Karen and Jim can’t sneak back to their desks periodically to check a voicemail or send an email – participants are (and remain) engaged.

In addition, moving an activity from a boardroom to a local park helps break down barriers that would otherwise stay firmly in place.  Participants – particularly those who don’t know each other well – are more likely to let the conversation drift away from work-only topics when they are out of the office building and the natural networking and socializing helps build a team atmosphere.  This frequently promotes team spirit, motivating employees to become more involved, and both the competition and camaraderie drive participants during and after the activity.  Also, friendly competition in the fresh air creates more positivity and less stress than competition held within the confines of the office.

Outdoor Team Events Can Spark Creativity

While studies have shown time and again that team building leads to increased communication and collaboration, outdoor team building also enhances creativity.  When placed within a four-walled room options can feel limited, but in an outdoor setting the sky becomes the limit and creativity soars.  This becomes particularly beneficial when the group is divided into teams, provided with the ground rules, and then sent off to complete their quest.  Whether this involves creating something, finding a solution, or completing an interactive scavenger hunt, a team that solves creative challenges together will carry that success over to the workplace as well.

Highly Functional Workplace Teams Are Cultivated

Cohesive, well-functioning workplace teams generally do not just fall together; they are cultivated and maintained through the use of team building tools and activities that ensure every last team member is invested in the same set of objectives.  Creating that team atmosphere is a necessary component and outdoor team building is the perfect answer for achieving that goal – why not try it and see for yourself?